I’m a mere 5 months away from earning my MKIA (see previous post). In my final semester, I’m doing what is called a “Special Project.” This special project is being a Peer Mentor to incoming School of Library and Information Science graduate students as they take a required one-unit course that makes sure they have and know the technology and tools to be successful in this distance learning program.

They call the position Peer Mentor, but it seems like a combo of being a mentor and being a TA, which is very exciting for me. As Rogers & Hammerstein said,

It’s a very ancient saying,
But a true and honest thought,
That if you become a teacher,
By your pupils you’ll be taught.

I’ll be mentoring the course that has students who have been working in the LIS field, but don’t yet have their MLIS. Even though I’m the mentor, I’m sure I’ll be learning a lot as well.