I’ve been in SLIS for two years. If it weren’t for online social networking, I’d have forgotten the names of most of my friends and family members. With Facebook, I get to know my family members in different ways other than the occasional family gathering. There’s constant contact and I’ve grown closer to some of my friends and family members via social networking than if we were limited to offline contact. Sometimes it can be thrilling to reconnect with someone I haven’t spoken to in years (and sometimes not). I’ve actually seen more of my friends OFFline because of our relationships ONline.

Professionally, social networking has also had a great impact on me. One of my jobs gets pretty crappy reviews on Yelp and it has affected morale and the ways that certain things are done. In my volunteer job, I run the online social networking for the entire nonprofit. We provide free, accurate, non-judgmental information about sexuality. As soon as I took over the social networking, the interest in people volunteering has increased exponentially. We used to have to beg, borrow, and steal to get people to help out and now we don’t have that problem (okay, we don’t have that problem as much).