After reading this week’s articles, I decided to Google myself. I’ve been avoiding it because I really didn’t know if I wanted to KNOW, you know? I’m very happy that the first things that come up are my resume on and my LinkedIn profile. Everything was fairly boring, until I stumbled upon this gem, a 2000 LA Times article that I was in when I auditioned for the National Touring Cast of Disney’s The Lion King. Yikes.

A few rules that I would include in a library staff social media policy (that weren’t already mentioned) are, first, please strip away identifiers about patrons. I would be very wary of including patron names or descriptions when relaying stories in a blog. Even though social media is everyone’s job, I am against making it mandatory. At least, I wouldn’t make blogging mandatory. I see that as having the potential to backfire, because you can tell by the writing when someone really doesn’t want to be doing something. I’d rather have no post at all than a dispassionate one. Another rule is: have fun. Yes yes, it’s your job, but I feel librarians can be more successful if they break away from their decidedly un-fun stereotypes.

I think the most important thing a company can do when they find negative things being said about them online is to respond quickly, and not only via the same platform, but use multiple platforms to respond to what is going on. I’d err on the side of being overly thorough.