I confess: I was madly in love with Pinup Girl Clothing (PUG) long before I discovered them on online social networking; however, once I found them on Facebook and Twitter, our love affair has jumped to a whole new level.

People LOVE PUG. On their Facebook page, there are just posts after posts of praise, and many include pictures of customers wearing what they bought from PUG. In fact, PUG employees encourage this. Whenever a customer has a complaint, the PUG fan-base is so large and so loyal, sometimes fans reply to the person even before PUG staff has a chance. This is not in a negative “I’m going to defend PUG with my life” kind of way, but more like, “When I’ve had this problem, I’ve checked my spam folder” or “It usually takes about 5-7 working days for exchanges to be processed.” Fans also help each other out with size suggestions and PUG has even set up a discussion board on their Facebook that allows customers to swap or sell items they’ve gotten from PUG clothing.

Customer-to-customer contact aside, the PUG staff is pretty quick to respond publicly to customer suggestions, comments, and complaints. There are often complaints about the models being unrealistic, so Laura, the PUG photographer, posted a lengthy discussion board post on the topic which was quite explanatory and humanistic. Still, another response from PUG staff was to photograph more plus-size models in the plus-sized clothing that is sold. I can only assume that this increased sales.

The clothing and models are gorgeous and glamorous, and the YouTube and Twitter posts really make PUG staff seem accessible and down to earth. There also seems to be a celebrity following of their products, and the Twitter often has links to who is wearing what and to where. The YouTube has videos of staff and models interviewing each other as well as videos of photo shoots, so that we can all see what goes on behind the scenes.

These more personal posts are interspersed with notifications of new products coming in, asking for customer feedback on potential new products, and the occasional sale or promotional code.

Also, most posts are signed by the staff member that makes them, so it’s obvious that their online social networking is a team effort. What PUG clothing has going on is a well-oiled machine. Pinup Girl Clothing Home