I’m not exaggerating when I say that this exercise may be the most difficult bit of homework I’ve had during my SLIS career. Why? you ask. In reading all these blogs, it’s so easy to get derailed! Links beget links which beget more links and all of a sudden I’m on Twitter and not doing my homework at all. My head is swirling with blogalicious information, so bear with me.

In the Library With the Lead Pipe seems to have 2 postings a month which I’m a bit surprised at, given there are 6 authors. But hey, I’m not working at their library. This blog is rather philosophical about librarianship, at least, that’s a theme that pops up a lot.

The Librarian’s Commute is centered around an academic library. There’s a lot of information about what is going on at THAT library and less meta-information than other blogs I’ve read.

The Distant Librarian is authored by a Systems Librarian so guess what? It has a lot of really wonderful information that would be useful to…..Systems Librarians. Hidden in there are some gems for the rest of us.

Librarian by Day has been around since July 2007. The musings of Bobbi L. Newman are varied but most of the posts seem to have something to give. Ideas, links, hints, suggestions. It feels like it’s a blog that wants you to walk away with something when you read it.

David Lee King’s blog is similar to Bobbi L. Newman’s in the way that it strives to be useful and pertinent, going beyond just being “interesting.” Here lies a lot of info on social media in libraries.

I find that the posts I enjoy reading depend on what “mode” my brain is in. If I’m looking to read for fun, then I enjoy the posts that are more personally insightful or philosophical. More often than not, I’m in work/school mode and so I really like the posts that give me tools and links to useful things or tell me about new technologies OR new ways of using technologies that already exist.

And on to the 3 library blogs I subscribed to!

Libwire is the blog of the libraries of the University of Southern California (my alma mater. Fight on!). On the plus side hey, at least they’re using their blog, right? On the down side, I found it less interesting than reading the back of a box of cereal. It is informative about the collections at USC, but it is so dry and stoic. It felt like work to read it.

I had high hopes for the blog of the Marin County Free Library because it’s in an area of the San Francisco Bay Area where I would assume there are many people interested in reading blogs. I was disappointed. It’s little more than a glorified way of announcing what programs are going on in the brick and mortar.

And finally, the blog that has me so incredibly distracted is that of the Library of Congress. There is so much going on! It’s so exciting! Much of it, of course, is about what is going on at the LOC and LOC holdings, and even though there are a bazillion persons that work at the LOC, the blog has a bit of playful personality from its authors. I’d think that they’d go for the “boring and least offensive” approach, but I was pleasantly surprised.