What technologies do you find most promising in facilitating internal collaboration and why?

Online meeting technologies such as Elluminate, Cisco’s WebEx and Citrix’s GoToMeeting allow real-time sharing of files, presentations, and desktops of participants, thereby allowing to teach concepts from your computer and allow it to broadcast to the group. Elluminate will require the user showing their desktop time to allow other users to configure their screens, in order to view the entire desktop.

In GoToMeeting, the user allows a member to come into their computer (such as you would see an IT person do) virtually and play around with programs. This is mostly utilized in situations where a computer program or database instruction is not understood. In this way, the moderator is able to physically show the audience what to do, rather than continue to explain concepts they might not understand. There are also platforms for seminars, GoToWebinar and for trainings, GoToTrainings.

Here are some videos to explain more about the Citrix product line:
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Citrix Careers

Elluminate is a fantastic program for online education. It allows for the uploading of Powerpoint presentations, the ability to ask questions in order, and to use a microphone to hear each other’s voice. The chat box can become quite busy with comments and is the most difficult for new instructors to follow. Elluminate also allows presenters to share their webcams as they present. There is a whiteboard for brainstorming and the ability to get real-time feedback from polls.

Video tutorial for using Elluminate successfully:

Participant Orientation to Elluminate Live! (2)

WebEx is to the corporate world what Elluminate is to academia. WebEx can be used for meetings and conferencing, but also for trainings, webinars, and customer support as well. Where Elluminate allows multiple people to be “Moderators” at one time, presentation control can be passed from one person to another in WebEx. As with Elluminate, sessions can be recorded for later viewing and reviewing.