Allow me to start by offering a link to my delicious bookmarks.

The three items I bookmarked have quite different numbers of persons who have also bookmarked the sites:
Libraries and crowdsourcing: 3 people
Top 15 Most Popular Social Bookmarking Websites: 398 people
Tag Galaxy: 8727 people!

The three most common tags used for the delicious Tag Galaxy bookmark are “flickr,” “visualization,” and “photography.” I used “flickr” and “photography,” among others. I clicked on “visualization” and found a very cool site that has 4 tools that help you visualize Twitter networks.

Going back to my list, I clicked on the most library-esque link I had and found that one of the other 2 people that bookmarked it seems to also be in library school (though, not at SJSU). Her bookmarks had a wealth of information relevant to what I’m studying. Though this way of browsing the web is limiting, I think it’s brilliant. This has inspired me to create an account for my nonprofit.

This exercise has created a whole new world for me. I imagine that I will lose myself in the depths of delicious when the semester is over.