Oh San Francisco, how I love you more and more every day. And I love your librarians as well. I especially love the mavericks who are putting on the Speed Dating program at the beginning of next month. I’m no Yente, but I have done my share of formal lectures, teaching people how to…um, “find partners.” (Had to remember that this is my librarian blog, not that other place.)

This speed dating program is limited to persons in their 20s or 30s. First night is Hetero night, second night is GLBT night. I posted the link to the article on a message board and the first comment was “Why only 20s and 30s??” True. How ageist! How very non-San Francisco to leave people out. And isn’t it in the Library Bill of Rights that we can’t deny someone nookie based on their age? (I’m paraphrasing.)

Here was my response:

I can think of reasons why it would behoove the librarians putting on the program to limit the ages to 20s and 30s.

– The pool for available people is larger in these age groups than persons in their 40s and 50s.

– The majority of people tend to choose partners that are near the same age, race, religion, social status, education level, etc. See “Sex in America” by Edward Laumann, Robert T Michael, and Gina Kolata, 1995 Grand Central Publishing.

– Yes, of course there are outliers as there are 30-somethings who date 40-somethings etc. etc. This program is not for those persons.

– And it’s important to consider how the librarians are going to measure the success of this program. People who show up? People who exchange contact information? Number of smiles counted? Bonus points if anyone undresses? Bonus points if NO ONE undresses? By setting some sort of limits on who this program is for, it could make for a more successful program.

Personally, I’m terribly curious about the whole thing. Curiosity killed the cat, so we would want THAT to happen! I wonder if they allow voyeurs the first time around. As Voltaire said, “Once a philosopher, twice a pervert.”

Stay classy.