So, for the MLIS graduates that are job hunting, I have a little bit of advice for you.

First: Network like you’ve never networked before and don’t limit yourself to only people from the MLIS program. What about your friends from high school, what are they doing now? Or your roommates from college? Cousins? Your mom’s friends? There is not one bit of me that is joking right now. Who have you friended on Facebook? What are they doing now? Do they work for your local county? Do they work at a museum or other nonprofit that may have a position for a librarian? Widen your networking scope.

Second: Acknowledge that you may have to move for the position you want, even if it’s just a 2-year-plan to get the experience on your resume so that you can get a job in a location you prefer. I moved from the San Francisco Bay Area down to Los Angeles for this job. I did not plan on it. Moving was not my first choice. But I am here and honestly, I’m loving it. If I weren’t loving it, I’d at least have some amazing experience on my resume to set me up for future positions.

Third: Google yourself. See what comes up. How do you look? Are there things that should be cleared up that you don’t want potential employers seeing? Are there things you can do to make what they ARE seeing more appealing? One suggestion I have is to get an page. It’s free, it shows up when you Google yourself (at least, mine does for me), and it’s a one-stop shop where people can find links to the social networking profiles and blogs that you want to share. Also, you can personalize the URL.